Nuit Crypto Goddess Gold Series NFT by Crypto Gods 1/1


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Nuit Gold NFT by Crypto Gods 1/1
Nuit Gold NFT by Crypto Gods 1/1

NUIT #003

Crypto Goddess Series Gold

NFT Art 1/1

Artist – Crypto Gods app


Crypto Goddess .app Series I Gold #003 Nuit 1/1 NFT Art Token only 16 Goddesses exist in 1/1 Mintings NFT Art Tokens are a rare 1/1 NFT Art Token Series by

Only 16 Goddess 1/1 NFT Art Tokens Exist

Compared to 10,000 1/1 Crypto Punks now worth millions

Lead Designer of the Crypto Gods is the Listed Artist SOLLOG

SOLLOG recently had the largest sale in Art History a $1 Billion Dollar Oil Painting of GODS NAME

The series features iconic ancient Goddess images turned into Metallic Gold NFT Art Tokens by the Crypto Gods


Series I Scarcity Numbers

1/1 – 16 Goddesses

1/10 – 160 Goddesses

1/100 – 1600 Goddesses

1/1000 – 16,000 Goddesses

Only 17,000 Tokens Released


Goddess 003 is Nuit aka Nut the Sky Goddess of Ancient Egypt Arguably the most  powerful Goddess in Egypt

The NFT Tokens feature high res 300dpi files suitable for Museum Level Giclee Canvas Printing for your Mansion or Office

These high res files are perfect to display on high res large digital displays in the Mansion or Office


Buyer will receive

The 1/1 of this Crypto God transferred from the Creators Wallet direct to you showing YOU OWN THE 1/1


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